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To provide a platform for mission-driven entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life.


1.  An investment of up to $100,000 in the form of equity as deemed by the panel


2.  Mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs and domain experts

3.  Access to specialized support and exposure to the Aroa Venture Partners network.

PROCESS TIMELINE:  (2024 dates will be announced soon)

1.  Application Deadline:                     ______   

     Submit your application with proper pitch documents and other necessary documents

2.  Round 1 Announcement:                ______

     We will screen all the applications and announce shortlisted candidates

3.  Virtual Pitch Round:                        ______ 

     Shortlisted teams will go through a virtual pitch round

4.  Round 2 Announcement:                ______

     Shortlisted teams will proceed to the final round


5.  Final Pitch Round:                            ______

     This will be in-person and you will be presenting to a panel of 5 judges 

6.  Winning Teams Announcement:    ______

     Winning teams will go through a two week startup camp at Aroa HQ


1.  The startup must be operational in India with all the founders above 18 years of age

2.  The startup should have been in business for less than 3 years

3.  The startup must be bootstrapped

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